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1803 Candles® Lemon Drop Cookie Soy Melters

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“Nanny’s recipe book says to add only fresh squeezed lemon and finely grated vanilla bean to warm butter and sugar to make the best lemon cookies this side of the mountain.” 

Our Lemon Drop Cookie melters resemble tangy, vanilla, buttery sugar cookies. Pure lemony deliciousness! Not too tangy, with a fresh, restorative lemon zest scent, Lemon Drop Cookie is your favorite home-made treat in a Fragrance without a Flame. Our authentic, genuine Lemon Drop Cookie scent has been a part of the “Top Ten” best sellers since it was released. Lemon Drop Cookie will be sure to make add a sweet freshness to your home.

Place two more wax melter squares to your favorite warmer's tray and simply turn the warmer on. Our deliciously-scented melters will shortly begin to fragrance the air as the wax melts into an oil. Melters really are an effortless method to savor your favored 1803 Candles® perfume when lighting a candle isn't an alternative. To formulate a personal fragrance, try combining melter squares from various 1803 scents. The combinations are endless, with nearly a hundred original, yummy fragrances to choose from! 

Fragrance Time: Two squares are approximately 6-8 hours of fragrance time. Size of warmer and bulb wattage will cause varying results. 


  • Easy Breakaway Packaging 
  • Six Squares per Package 
  • Convenient Size 
  • Fragrance without a Flame 
  • Available in all 1803 Scents 
  • Hand-Poured Soy Wax 
  • Biodegradable 
  • Made in the United States 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Topped with an Accent of Botanicals 
  • Works in Most Wax Warmers 
  • Perfect for Sampling a Scent 
  • Environmentally Friendly

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