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Egg Layer Grit


Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit is a soluble chicken grit that is essential for strong, beautiful eggs.

Soft, thin or missing egg shells are a sign that your layers are calcium deficient and need a proper egg-laying diet rich in calcium. Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit offers an excellent, natural source of calcium for chickens.


Fresh Coop Egg-Layer Grit can be mixed with coarse grain or fed free-choice.

Use this chicken grit with backyard chickens 18 weeks and older.

As you may know, chickens don’t have teeth. Therefore, chickens need some kind of mechanism to breakdown the food that has been swallowed into their gizzard. This is the job of grit. In the gizzard, grit helps to break down food into a form that can be digested.

Soluble grit is digested by the hen and contains calcium, most of which is used to form strong egg shells.

Egg-shells are primarily made up of calcium carbonate, therefore laying hens need sufficient calcium in their bodies to produce strong, beautiful eggs. If sufficient calcium isn’t available, hens may lay soft-shelled, poor quality eggs.

If a hen doesn’t have enough calcium in her diet, she will use calcium from her bones to create the egg shell. This can leave her bones very brittle and prone to breakage, much like osteoporosis in humans. Egg-binding can also occur and is potentially fatal.


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