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EQUiMAX® Paste

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(ivermectin 1.87% / praziquantel 14.03%)

As the most common disease of horses today, internal parasites can cause extensive internal damage. You may notice the dull hair coat, hoof problems, weight loss and colic, but most of the damage goes unseen.

Treat and protect your horse from the most common parasitic threats with one safe, effective compound.

 is the only combination of ivermectin/praziquantel dewormer safe for ALL horses, including foals four weeks of age and older, pregnant and lactating mares, and breeding stallions.


  • Broad spectrum parasite, bot and tapeworm control.
  • Has been shown 100% effective against the most common species of tapeworm (A. perfoliata)
  • Numerous studies have proven EQUIMAX® safe for:
    • Foals four weeks of age and older
    • Pregnant and lactating mares - No adverse effects on fertility
    • Breeding stallions - Semen quality and reproductive hormone levels remained unaffected
  • A full dose contains enough active ingredients to treat horses weighing up to 1,320 lb 
  • Easy-to-use-and-handle syringe/applicator for more accurate dosing
  • A smooth, quick-dissolving paste
  • Consult your veterinarian for assistance in the diagnosis, treatment and control of parasitism

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