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Purina® Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809

    Animal: Pig

    Form: Pelleted

    Type: Complete  

    Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809 feed is designed for growing/finishing pigs (adding cover and body) from 100 lbs. all the way to show. Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809 feed is a moderate protein, high-energy feed developed for growing/ developing/finishing show pigs. Formulated for ultra-modern show pigs needing muscle, cover and body, FINALE® 809 feed is a 16% protein, 7.5% crude fat, 0.85% lysine feed in a 3/32” pellet designed for greater intake. Honor® Show Chow® FINALE® 809 feed is supported by Purina. Get your pigs on FINALE® 809 feed today so you can unleash your genetic investment.


    • Ambitine™ Proprietary blend of plant extracts and organic acids to help support proper gut health, immuno-competence, and feed intake
    • 3/32” or 1/8” pellets Extremely small pellet for improved intake and pellet quality
    • Available with Tylan Helps protect against Ileitis
    • Formulated for optimum growth and optimum muscle deposition Allows pigs to reach their full genetic potential
    • High energy formula Allows pigs to continue adding soft muscle at heavier weight
    • Ideal protein formulation Provides accurate and predictable essential amino acid intakes
    • Steam rolled oats Very digestible, great source of nutrients for pigs
    • TASCO® Helps lower body temperature during periods of heat stress helping to keep pigs on feed during warm weather
    • Ultra proteins Provide very high quality amino acid content


     Nutrient Min/Max Amount
    Crude Protein Min 16%
    Lysine Min 0.85%
    Crude Fat Min 7.5%
    Calcium (Ca) Min 0.4%
    Calcium (Ca) Max 0.9%
    Phosphorus (P) Min 0.5%
    Zinc (Zn) Min 240 PPM
    Salt (NaCl) Min 0.3%
    Salt (NaCl) Max 0.8%
    Selenium (Se) Min 0.3 PPM

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