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Purina® Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE® 209 DEN35

    Animal: Pig

    Form: Pelleted

    Type: Complete  

    Feed Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE® 209 DEN35 feed as a creep to weaned pigs. This feed is designed  to be fed to pigs weighing 12 to 16 lbs, but can be fed to heavier pigs. Offer PRELUDE® 209 DEN 35 feed as a creep feed when pigs are 10 days of age to encourage early  post-weaning feed intake. Honor® Show Chow® PRELUDE® 209 DEN35 feed is supported by Purina. Get your newly weaned pigs on the PRELUDE® program today to Unleash Your Genetic Investment.


    • Ambitine™ Proprietary blend of plant extracts and organic acids to help support proper gut health, immuno-competence, and feed intake
    • Vitacy-S™ A source of medium-chained fatty acids that helps support intake and proper gut health
    • 3/32” pellets Extremely small pellet for improved intake and pellet quality
    • Formulated with very high quality animal protein sources Very palatable, newly weaned pigs get on feed fast and look great
    • High lactose levels Easy transition from sow’s milk to solid feed
    • High levels of protein, essential amino acids (1.6% lysine), and crude fat (8.0%) Nutrient dense to support intake and growth of young pigs
    • Organic acids, yucca schdigera extract, and high levels of vitamins. Acidified to enhance digestibility, yucca to promote intake  and air quality, and high in fat and water soluble vitamins for small pigs
    • Proprietary blend of ingredients Produces full middles, muscle shape and bloom
    • Denagard medication Helps prevent and control digestive tract diseases


     Nutrient Min/Max Amount
    Crude Protein Min 22%
    Lysine Min 1.6%
    Crude Fat Min 8%
    Calcium (Ca) Min 0.6%
    Calcium (Ca) Max 1.1%
    Phosphorus (P) Min 0.6%
    Zinc (Zn) Min 3000 PPM
    Selenium (Se) Min 0.3 PPM

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