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GreenTree Premium Pine Shavings Medium/large Flake Bedding

Our bedding is customized to meet a wide range of needs and preferences among horse owners. Each is crafted at the high test level of quality, the best for its desired application. Greentree shavings are free from mold and other materials that could be harmful to your horse. Our product is triple-screened to remove virtually all airborne dust. We work hard to engineer the highest quality shavings so you can spend more time with your horse, and less time in the stable. The proof is in our product!

This small, easy to sift bedding gives you more bang for your buck. The medium sized flake covers more area, while still allowing you to clean your stall or enclosure quicker and easier than large flake bedding. Great for horses, livestock, as well as small animals.

  • Compressed from 9.5 cu. ft. to 2.15 cu. ft.
  • Medium flake
  • Kiln dried

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