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Can you help me figure out which products will be best for my specific animal?

Of course! We have years of experience listening to our customers and pride ourselves on being able to help them find the diet and products to keep their furry friends happy and healthy. Come see us in person or email and we'll get you started.

What if I want to order a product you offer in the store but not online?

Some products are only available in the physical store; however, we are adding new products online all the time. You may email to make a request and we'll try to work with you!

How do I request new products to be added to the online store?

If you have requests for products you'd like so see us carry, email and we'll see what we can do!

Will the delivery person carry bags into my house or barn?

No. For insurance purposes, all deliveries will be made to the front porch or wherever packages would normally be delivered. In the case of inclement weather, precautions will be taken to keep your purchases protected but ultimately it is your responsibility to keep them safe after the time of delivery.

When can I expect delivery?

Deliveries can generally be expected within 2-3 days. In the case of products being on back order, you will be notified via email at least 24 hours before your account is charged.

How can I redeem frequent buyer credit for applicable products (such as Exclusive)?

Cut out the UPC codes and return them to the store to receive credit and any free bags associated with a frequent buyer program. These purchases must also be made under an online account to show proof of purchase.