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Purina® AquaMax® Fry Starter 200

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Species: Blue Gill / Catfish / Hybrid Striped Bass / Largemouth Bass / Tilapia / Trout

Type: Starter 

100% nutritionally complete for starting fish and early growth phases for both carnivorous and omnivorous species. Purina® AquaMax® Fry Starter 200 is sinking product in a 1.2mm extruded pellet.A DIFFERENCE YOU CAN SEE.®


  • 1.22MM Appropriately sized for frys of several species
  • 100% Nutritionally Complete Complete, balanced diets for both carnivorous and omnivorous fish
  • Few Feed Lines Little waste and optimal feed conversion
  • High Digestibility Significant nutrient absorption means cleaner water
  • Highly Palatable Helps to ensure proper consumption
  • Sinking Diet Accommodates the feeding habits of frys


 Nutrient Min/Max Amount
Crude Protein Min 50%
Crude Fat Min 17%

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